Joseph Webster Glass
Glassblowing Studio.jpg

In the Studio

Joseph Webster Glass is located in Pepperell Mills Bldg #10 in Biddeford, Maine.


Where the magic happens

Joseph Webster Glass Studio is a hot glass studio where Joseph creates the works of art. The studio has a melting furnace, rewarming furnace, garage/pipe warmer, annealing oven and top loading pickup box/oven. Joseph looks forward to sharing his knowledge of the craft with the broader community.


Wet Dog Glass FSP 200(200 lb. Free Standing Pot Furnace)

Wet Dog Glass 15/16 Glory Hole (rewarming furnace), with tracks

Wet Dog Glass PW.1/Ga.  Garage/Pipe Warmer Combo

Wet Dog Glass 16.1 Annealing Oven

Wet Dog Glass CT.1 Pick Up Box/Annealer

Glass Batch:  Spruce Pine Batch — Labino Formula : w/ Erbium

Additional information is available upon request.